Professional colleges have a perfect system in place for training students in pursuit of students’ quality and performance at workplace. For example, we adopt the point (credit) system as in a university. Points will be awarded for each subject and students can qualify for graduation only when they fulfill the point requirements.
“Apprenticeship Training” Colleges pursue profits only and smooth-sailing graduation only means a business transaction is completed. However, it is not so for us. A graduate leaving our College is a messenger of the College. We will not lower our threshold to suit the students as it has a direct impact on our teaching brand.

We strive to make our students more competitive so that they may become future baking leaders in the workplace. The College holds competitions from time to time to enhance their competitive strength and to detect their own weaknesses. Winners will undoubtedly be awarded trophies while losers will also be given extra guidance.
Practical lessons are meant to prepare students going into a workplace. Before graduation, they will be sent to a workplace which serves as a test platform for practical. The College will get feedbacks on students’ performance directly from the employers. All students must obtain satisfactory assessments from their employers to ensure they will become good bakers in future.
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