A master from an “Apprenticeship Training college” teaches the same old techniques applicable during his time requiring students to reproduce ‘acceptable’ work only before they graduate. However, in this fast changing era, what you have learnt can be the ‘past’ techniques of 5, 6 years ago. This is a prevalent weakness found in the teaching sector.
In order to let students obtain first hand information and master the latest exquisite skills, we have initiated the “Optimized Teaching”. For example, the College will from time to time invite renowned masters specializing in certain fields to be our guest lecturers. They will teach students special baking lessons for 1 or 2 days to allow students to learn from different masters. Besides the special lessons, we also invite outstanding bakers to conduct a few-hour forum or demonstration. Students may be able to keep pace with others in baking business after mastering the latest info and acquiring a good knowledge and skills in baking.

Optimized Teaching” also includes enhancing students’ knowledge in baking. We make arrangements for students to visit local famous ingredient factories. The factory management will send its experienced personnel to introduce to students the manufacturing process of ingredients and the latest machineries. Students will benefit a lot from this practical knowledge involving a variety of subjects.
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